Should High School Athletes Be Allowed To Play Basketball

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If high school players should be able to go straight to the NBA has been a controversial topic for the past few centuries. When basketball players finish their high school career, they should be able to declare for the NBA draft without waiting a year. For most people in this world, the main goal in life is to make extraordinary money, and enjoy doing it. When players graduate high school, they should have the right to go and make money doing what they love. They should not be forced to wait a year. There are young players in almost every other sport that are allowed to play pro right out of high school. If they can in other sports, why not basketball? In addition to that, forcing athletes to play for a year or more outside the NBA is risking their health.…show more content…
Then they are out of luck and will not have any money because they were never in the league. If they know they have a career ahead of them playing basketball, they won’t focus on school regardless. With the regulation set that requires players to be one year out of high school, most elite players go to college for only one year. Forcing players to go to college for one year most times is senseless. If players would like to get a degree, they will do so, or they will wait until later in their life and go to college. Some players are completely ready straight out of high school, and if they want to they should have the choice to do that. From 1996-2006 the players that came from high school had better efficiency ratings their rookie year than players that came from college. That is a huge statistic that proves that some players are ready. If young athletes feel like they are ready to compete at the pro level, they should have the choice to go straight to the

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