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More than a Sao Paulo’s borough, Bixiga is a way of life. It gathers together the many faces of the Brazilian identity having hosted and received the migration waves that have come ashore in the city harbor since two centuries ago. Today, the borough is birthplace and inexhaustible source of inspiration for dozen of artists and among them Bixiga 70 are arguably the most emblematic characters. The 10-piece collective indeed easily embodies the many souls, sounds and cultures which cohabit their native community, portraying in their musical blend elements originated in Nigeria, Latin America, Caribbean, Western Europe and Northern Brazil. Few days after the release of Bixiga 70’s third album simply called “III”, we had an engaging phone chat with Cuca Ferreira…show more content…
So we asked Cuca to explain us the secret behind the city where he comes from: “Criolo is absolutely right. To understand Sao Paulo we have to look at the nature of the city itself. Being so crazy, with so many people coming from many different places, it’s natural to see always something new coming, because there’re many different things happening at the same time even in the same area. Then, I think that it is also because of the economic growth that Brazil has experienced in the last ten years and which is now going down the drains. Until the recent past, there were many non-governmental organisations which were really active in the social and cultural spheres. The main one is called S.E.S.C. and is still connected with trade unions also receiving money from tax collection. During the last twenty years, this society has done a fantastic job in the city: it has built cultural centres giving stages, structures and workshops to the people. In this way, these guys are playing a crucial role in the cultural life of Sao

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