Minor Characters In Mcbride's The Wizard Of Oz

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In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy travels a treacherous journey down the yellow brick road to help a courageless lion, a brainless tin-man, and a heartless scarecrow achieve courage, brains, and a heart. The wicked witch, Dorothy's foil, only cares to take her red ruby shoes, and does everything in her (the witch) power to get them. Mameh, Rachel (young Ruth)'s mother, is smart and caring to her children. Tateh, Rachel's father, is greedy and a perfectionist, especially when it comes to Hebrew. They are foils to each other. Mameh and Tateh are both static and flat characters, they do not change like Ruth and James. Although they are minor characters in this novel, they play an important in shaping Rachel's (and eventually Ruth's) life. In James McBride's The Color of…show more content…
Greed controls Tateh's way of life, and how he views the people his community. "He was robbing these folks blind, charging them 100% markup on his cheap goods, and he was worried about them stealing from him." Unlike the rest of his society, Tateh opens his store to the black community. He does not see them as people, but instead as a profit. Because of the views of society during this time period, he virtually has no competitor business. He gets away with charging them 100% markup on cheap goods because his prices are not rivaled. Money is part of Tateh's plan of a perfect family, seen as higher up to his peers. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable in Tateh's eyes. "Sam was his main target. He'd make Sam sit in the corner for hours and read Hebrew. He never showed any love for his son." As a Rabbi in the Jewish community, Hebrew is one of his main focuses to put his family in a better light. Sam is their oldest child and only son, he is pushed the hardest out of all of the children. Although Tateh is tough on Sam, all he really wants is a better public image. To Tateh, a better public image means a better way of

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