Personal Narrative: The Diseases That Changed My Life

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Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Unreal. Those were the words flashing behind my eyelids on the day that changed my life forever. I had no warning, and yet it was true. I was twenty one weeks pregnant, and I had no idea. Yet, as soon as I found out about my pregnancy, it began to reform my life, my values, and my decisions. Everything started to revolve around the life I was carrying, and suddenly my decisions did not only affect myself anymore. Pain, that was what I felt as my mom was taking me to urgent care. I could not move without wanting to fall over from the excruciating stinging sensation that radiated from my sides and through my back. Mom feared that it was my appendix, and her worry set me on edge. I personally did not know what to fear, besides all the horrible diseases that my pain had influenced me to research on my phone. Thinking about all of those diseases caused me to jump as I heard the door open to the examination room. “Hi Morgan, how are you feeling?” the doctor asked as she made her first appearance and slowly closed the door behind her. “Awful,” I admitted as my legs bounced up and down on the hard plastic medical chair. I hated doctors’ offices, so jitters and nerves took me over and I could not sit still. “She has been in pain for a few days now,” my mom interrupted, which I was thankful for. The doctor nodded her head…show more content…
I nodded, and the doctor continued, “You also have a kidney infection, that seems like it has been here for some time. That might be the reason why your weight hasn’t changed since you’ve been pregnant.” I nodded again, and the doctor talked to my mom. I was then given an antibiotics shot and sent on my way to contact another doctor about a prenatal visit as well as making decisions for the rest of my

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