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“Jordan Kaser Karen Carpino English Four 17 October 2014 Themes of The Invisible Man An individual should be seen and not heard. In The Invisible Man, Griffin is heard more than he is seen. The main theme of The Invisible Man centers around identity, invisibility, and isolation. Identity is a big part of The Invisible Man. What can identity demonstrate? “Here,” he said. He stepped forward and handed Mrs. Hall something...she saw what it was she screamed loudly, dropped it… The nose - it was the stranger nose!(Wells 53). This demonstrates identity because his nose can come off because you cannot see his real nose, so he has a fake nose that looks and feels real. “The fact, is I’m all here: head, hands, legs,and all the rest of it , but it…show more content…
How does invisibility make people feel? In The Invisible Man, Griffin uses science of Invisibility as an instrument of terror; and by becoming a dictator, by choosing who can live and die(Rollyson). Griffin’s understanding of nature is not a cause from invisibility(Rollyson). What can people do when they have invisibility? According to the author, H.G. Wells, he wrote in the book, “I look down… and gaping at the muddy footmarks I had left behind me up the newly whitened steps…” (152). This is an example of Invisibility as you cannot see the man but you can see his foot steps in the mud really well. Invisibility gave Griffin admittance to his protective covering of goods from the consumer(Cantor). What is Invisibility good for? We read in The Invisible Man, Griffin’s invisibility has scientific causes as well as it has an economical effect. Griffin uses his invisibility to rob people of their money in a suspicious and a mysterious way(Bloom, H.) In Well’s writing, while making Griffin somewhat of a monster, uses the invisibility of him to symbolize how difficult, almost scary, and out of control the market economy is as it pays no attention to the laws and concerns of the government.(Bloom,
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