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This essay is about connection between two books and its author. This book is about Darkroom’s author Lila Quintero Weaver and All Over But the Shoutin’s author Rick Bragg’s struggle in Alabama. How they raised in Alabama and become a writer. Darkroom: A memoir in Black and White is about an arresting and moving personal story about childhood, race, and identity in the South America. All Over But the Shoutin is about being raised in war atmosphere. In middle of the nineteenth century when some people were being immigrant to Alabama and some are moving there from another states and that time Alabama was sharply divided in discrimination. People cannot able to walk on the street without their protection. Darkroom book was all about black and white people’s discrimination. All over But the Shoutin is all about war because before black and white discrimination Alabama was the part of the Korean War. Rick Bragg’s All Over But the Shoutin and Dark room both books are inspirational books which mainly focus on author’s childhood. There are three things that discuss about Lila Quintero Weaver struggle during Black and White people, Rick Bragg’s struggle during Korean War, and Connection between their book Darkroom and All Over But the Shoutin. Darkroom: a memoir in black and white’s…show more content…
Another connection between Lila Quintero Weaver and Rick Bragg that they both grew up in Alabama. In Darkroom Lila mainly talking about black and white peoples segregation. In All Over but the Shoutin Rick Bragg is mainly talking about his mother and his childhood and adulthood. Lila Quintero Weaver and Rick Bragg they both struggled in Alabama during middle of the nineteenth century. Lila had struggled to get settled in Alabama and finish the black and white people’s segregation. Rick Bragg had struggled to be raised in poorness and watching his mother working in someone else’s

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