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Saskia Clemments went from being a seven-year-old girl dancing on tables entertaining people to being a seventeen-year-old professional vocalist, show girl and actress, who has received an international bursary from the world renowned New York Film Academy. Clemments is a tall, slender young lady, with long dark brown hair. She has a bubbly and contagious personality. You can tell by looking at her and talking to those close to her that she is a hardworking lady with a big vision in mind, “I have a picture in my mind of this great goal that I want to achieve and I got to keep it there” says Clemments. At the age of fifteen Clemments released her first single “Make the World Dance” which was featured on all community radio stations in Cape Town and Goodhope fm. She also represented South Africa nationally and abroad by dancing for Basic Black coached by Kim Cumming one of Cape Towns best dance teachers. “My first international experience was in Austria”, says Saskia. When I stepped outside the airport I was very emotional and it was not because of being nervous or afraid but because I was so moved and blessed.”…show more content…
She has always dreamed about going abroad, Clemments think’s it is a once in a life time opportunity to really get to know the industry she would like to be in which is the commercial side. When speaking to Clemmens mom a MBA graduate who works in the pharmaceutical industry, she said that Clemments main inspiration is Nelson Mandela, not only do they share a birthday but “just like him she wants to put South Africa on the map and persevere as much as he did.” Clemments is all about setting realistic goal and reaching for the stars, “aim for something you can always land on”, if you do not know what you are working towards you will fall” says Clemments. She does not believe in short term goals. What will it get you to? She

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