Vietnam War Memorial Research Paper

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Mary Calomino Professor Habash War In Literature, CNE 171 24 November 2014 Title Making it on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall is to pay the ultimate sacrifice. The memorial permanently encapsulates the American lives lost during the Vietnam War with 142 panels lined with the names of the fallen that summarize a deadly 20 years of battle, loss, and suffering. Every year millions of veterans gather at the wall to visit fellow soldiers and gain closure from the mental and emotional wounds from the war. The Vietnam Veterans War Memorial serves as a homecoming the veterans never received. As a memorial designed to provoke emotions and move viewers, visitors whom gather at the wall find the experience therapeutic. Brutal and costly, the Vietnam…show more content…
After such a demeaning welcome back, the memorial serves as a homecoming and shows appreciation for the veterans and a sign that the silencing from the war was over. This memorial was especially needed for the veterans whom returned home with psychological and emotional issues The wounds left behind the war impacted the county as a whole and this memorial’s quiet and reflective design provides a neutral ground for…show more content…
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