How Did Kafka's Metamorphosis Change

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Franz Kafka's story, Metamorphosis, is a story about a traveling salesman named Gregor. One morning Gregor wakes up and finds himself as a bug. He can no longer provide for his family and they end up neglecting him. Not only does Gregor change physically but he transforms mentally as well. The transformation not only causes Gregor's isolation from man but also from his family and himself. Karl Marx, a German philosopher, believed that a capitalist society, like the one that takes place in Metamorphosis, is the cause of mans alienation. He believed in that reasoning because of the Industrial Revolution. The revolution resulted with man not being capable of owning his own labor, therefore, man is simply just a part of a production and see more as a commodity. After Gregor's metamorphosis, he doesn't seem to realize how surreal his situation is.…show more content…
Kafka implies that the transformation happened randomly without any explanation to why Gregor deserves it. In the story, Gregor is described as a hard worker (example). He can simply be described as a slave to society as he is trying to help his family out financially. Once Gregor is unable to provide income for his family, his self alienation begins to take place. (example) He is no longer able to communicate, eat normally, express his feelings, provide for his family, etc. Things only get worse as the story continues on. Gregor stays in his room and creates no contact with the outside world. He alienates himself from his family and his ashamed of his appearance. He even hides when Grete had spent some time with him in his room. Simultaneously, Gregor and his family isolate from one another. The external alienation from his family really punishes Gregor and creates internal alienation because he hates his job and now hates his appearance. After losing everything Gregor took for granted in life, he is desperate for it all to come

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