The Incredibles

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“The Incredibles” The Incredibles, directed by Brad Bird, is a comedic, animated film about a superhero family and their adventures. The movie starts off with Bob Parr a.k.a. Mr Incredible living the extraordinary life as the top superhero in town. He fights crime all day with his good friend Frozone and comes home to his girlfriend (a.k.a Mrs. Incredible) Elastigirl. Everything seems right in Mr. Incredibles world until he encounters a complication while fighting crime one day. He ends up getting caught up in a huge lawsuit and is sadly forced into retirement. After his lawsuit, many more superheros are becoming sued and now are forced to be relocated. That is certainly the case for Mr. Incredible and he is relocated with a new identity/life.…show more content…
The first character is Robert Parr or better know as Mr. Incredible portrayed by Craig T. Nelson. He is extremely strong and very stubborn throughout the movie. However, throughout the movie he changed because he doesn't really appreciate his family much but after getting kidnapped he changes his perspective. The next character is Helen Parr or better know as Mrs. Incredible portrayed as Holly Hunter. She is very loving and protective of her family and husband. She is the former Elastigirl and has super stretchy limbs. She is willing to do anything for her family even if it hurts herself. She changes throughout the movie by her adventurous side being brought out from kidnapping of Bob. Violet Parr is the next character who is played by Sarah Vowell. She has the power to create force fields and become invisible as well. In the beginning, she is very shy and hardly wants to speak to anyone. By the end, she becomes more outgoing and more willing to step outside her comfort zone. Next is Dash Parr played by Spencer Fox. He is known for his supersonic speed which is shown many times throughout the film. He changes in the film by his attitude of competition and compassion. He always had to win at everything he did but when he races in track at the end in the film, he places second. He also is more compassionate toward his sister and his family as well toward the end by not fighting with Violet as much as he did in the beginning. The last character in the family is Jack Jack played by Eli Fucile. Although he did not have a major role, he does change from the beginning to the end of the movie. One big example is that he finally finds his powers of shapeshifting in the end of the movie which actually saves his life. The last major character in the film is Syndrome or better know as the superfan played by Jason Lee. I believe that he was a static character in the film because
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