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Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre, takes a direct focus on the idea of home. And since protagonist Jane has never had a typical positive home experience, 'home' is not a physical location, but a state of mind. Her journey begins with abuse from her aunts and two cousins, thus making her first grasp of family life a fallacy which she struggles in accepting. Brontë's juxtaposing the homes Jane fluctuates between, ( The Gateshead Hall with the Moor House) the reader gets to see how dynamic Jane is, and how her location does not reflect her directly, but the experiences she has gone through to get there. Jane begins the novel as an orphan, both physically and emotionally. While living with the family she is born into, the Reeds, she is abused, ostracized, and belittled by her cousins. Living at Gateshead hall did not serve as a home for Jane but merely a house. It was a location where she lived for an important period of time, but it did not facilitate or house relationships that let Jane be both loved and independent. Albeit Gateshead Hall is where Janes feeling of fear, loneliness, and sadness manifest, her time here is still important to her story. It establishes a deprivation in Jane's life that leaves her with a longing…show more content…
Stating that, "Probably, if I had lately left a good home and kind parents, this would have been the hour when I should keenly have regretted the separation.". Even the cruelty Jane endures at the Lowood is not enough to make her miss even the privileges of living with the Reeds. The mockery of Mr. Brocklehurst is nothing compared to the grim red room memories her Aunt Reed had left her with. No matter how much comfortable Gateshead may have been, it was not how pristine the roof over Jane's head was that determined the value of her home, but the feeling of acceptance and

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