Wellness Coach Research Paper

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What is a wellness coach and how can one help me? When you are healthy, you can live life to the fullest. You feel fantastic, and you take pleasure in the best that life has to offer. A wellness coach can help you to make sure that issues of poor mental, physical, or spiritual health do not deter you from accomplish your goals. Do you want to wake up productive, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed every morning? How cool is it to be refreshed, invigorated, and raring to go as soon as you open your eyes? A wellness coach can help you achieve that. Benjamin Franklin set one of his life goals as being healthy, wealthy, and wise. It's no mistake that "healthy" is the first attribute mentioned. Your coach will work with you on a number of things that…show more content…
Many people are interested in health, wellness and fitness. As a baby boomer, I know how important these areas are to my generation especially. We hate aging and would gladly turn back the clock, so it's no surprise that careers aimed at keeping us young are growing rapidly compared to other industries. Wellness coaching helps keep us healthy, fit and looking and feeling young. If you're looking for a way to drink from the fountain of youth, you should consider a wellness coach. I've got an intense and deeply personal reason to maintain my health and be a wellness coach. My extended family, on the whole, has not been the model of healthy living or longevity. I attempted to overcome this through being a vegetarian for many years, yet I've had plenty of bad, unhelpful eating habits,

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