Incredible India Short Story

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Incredible India indeed has a lot to surprise you with, not only the diverse culture and heritage of the country can awestruck its spectators, but also the natural beauty is a treasure to relish. To take a break from the hectic work life and the chaotic city, I planned my winter vacations to the exotic, least explored archipelago of Lakshadweep to get some unusual doze of serenity. Day: 01 Excitement overloaded, Bags packed, I am all set for the trip. It’s 7am and I am in the airport, fighting with the security guard explaining her that I am an sane person & in the correct terminal as Agatti (well, in case you don’t know, that’s the airport for Lakshadweep called) is in India and not somewhere in foreign but she seems to be unconvinced at my…show more content…
5pm: I finally reached the destination after a long, tiring, somewhat nauseous journey. Now sitting on this white sand beach, sipping over a cup of coffee, I am trying to revert to those thoughts that were left incomplete. Somewhere the patriotic feel in me is booming up as I look at the horizon where slowly the sun is resting leaving its hues behind, all over the water and the sky, miles away from the original mother land, I see the same sunset as the billion of other Indians today, I am still in India, just a few miles away. Finishing my dinner by 8:30pm, a quick research about the island got me to know that this island is only 0.5kms wide and 8kms long, this narrow piece of land offers view of sunset on one beach and rise on the exact opposite. Planning to wake up before the sun tomorrow just to witness the dawn and the sunrise, I set my alarm at 5:30 and amidst such tranquillity a peaceful good night sleep is…show more content…
My forever companion (the camera) is all set to capture my memories in its reel. I started walking without knowing where I’ll reach, resembling this walk to that of life, I started looking at all those tiny creatures in the shore. Finally, I reached the peninsula of the island and trust me; the world has never looked the way it does from here. Post-breakfast, I sat to attain a class on ‘what to do’ and more specifically ‘what not to do’ during SCUBA diving. Though I’m excited about going for a SCUBA but this man is scaring the hell out of me by throwing such unnecessarily technical terms and showing off his expertise. I am in the mid-sea, with few other people, equally excited and frightened about going underwater and earning that fancy experience of SCUBA diving. Here it’s necessary to mention about my swimming expertise which is something below null, but the perk of coming from an adventurous liberal family is that you are always ready to face anything and everything that comes your way and live the moment to the

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