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The Incredibles is a film, which was released in 2006 by Walt Disney Pictures. The director of The Incredibles was Brad Bird. The movie was filmed in a town called Municiberg where superheros were free to use the super powers to save and help civilians and “make the world a better place”. Mr Incredible was one of the higher classed superheros and had amazing super strength. Another character in the film is elastic girls was also an amazing superhero one of her super powers was being very elastic. Mr Incredible and Elasta Girl get married after she saves Mr Incredble’s life when he was about to be shot she came out of no where and kicked the bady in the back of the head. The government of Municiberg town are just starting to roll out a new campaign which is “relocation of superheros” what this meant was they were sick of the superheros saving everyone and they wanted them to just become normal people again this meant that they would not be able to use there superpowers any more and had to be just like everybody else. This film teaches us that we can all be heroes. In this film there are three main points…show more content…
Some examples of this from the film are when a civilian fell out of a building Mr Incredibles was there to save him so that he did not die another example of this is when syndrome send the robot to the town of Municiberg and all of the people of this town are scared Mr Increedible is there to save them from being hurt by the robot this is a good example of superheros putting others before themselves because if it was the other way around and superheros put themselves before other the robot would of distorted the town of Municiberg and no one would be alive. This is an excellent example of “heroes put other before

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