Minions Movie Gender Stereotypes

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Question One: The directors of Minions, Pierre Coffin, and Kyle Balda, released this sexist, gender stereotyping movie on July 10th, 2015. If you haven’t noticed, every single minion is a male, therefore, it shows the utter lack of female minions. From recent interviews, the directors claim that it’s actually genderless, but quotes and names from the movie state they are all boys. For an example, the three, main minions all have boy names, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. On top of that, in many scenes, it shows the female villain referring to the minions as boys. Question Two: For the few times I went and saw Minions, I noticed that most of the time the people there, were laughing, and having a good time. Consequently, this movie definitely had the purpose of entertaining. It’s pretty obvious with all the laughing, the rate (PG with a fifty-four percentile liking), and it’s reviews. One example of a review, by Michael O'Sullivan, reporter at the Washington Post, states that “Minions,” by and large, derives its laughs from the kind of…show more content…
Kevin, the main minion, knew there had to be change for him, and the rest of the minions. With that, he travelled to New York, with two buddies, and found a solution. This deeper thought can really relate to problems and solutions in real life. Question Five: The target audience in this movie, is pretty obvious. On top of all the falling, injuries, silly mistakes and actions, and all the laughing basically points to kids between the age of three to twelve. Though, I’m thirteen and I found it quite entertaining. Another thing would be the animation, most movies or shows with animations are always targeted to young boys and girls. I feel with animation movies, kids feel more comfortable, because it’s easier for them to understand what’s going

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