Dr. David Banner's The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk is a worldwide fictional character that has grown in popularity throughout the past decades, ever since he was created in 1962 by comic writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. As a result of its popularity and great success, The Incredible Hulk, a fictional fantasy about a green monster/superhero, has amused millions through forms of press, such as comic books and newspapers, as well as the visual media through films and tv series. Using these three main forms of media three similar, but yet very different, storylines/summaries have emerged. TV - First airing in 1978, Dr. David Banner, a physician and scientist who is trying to find a way to reveal/awaken the hidden strength that all humans possess, gets exposed to extremely…show more content…
The representation of the Hulk’s characteristics often remain the same, but each storyline/adventure differs in some way from form to form. For example, The Hulk in the television series wanders around the USA, doing strange jobs under different aliases, while searching for a cure and being followed by a troublesome reporter. The Hulk in the 2008 movie, however, travels the world in search of a cure, but is being pursued by the US Army. He also comes across a jealous scientist who replicates Banner’s experiment-gone-wrong and ends up creating a supervillain. Finally, in the comic books, The Hulk roams the USA looking for adventures after leaving the Avengers group, but there is no mention of the desire to find a cure for his non-human mutation. This green gigantic creature is consistently given the same traits and characteristics in all forms of media, however his background and adventures can be altered in each form of media depending on what story the director, producer or writer wants to tell. The infamous Hulk will always be the same scary green monster no matter what story he is being used to

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