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Human psychology has always been very hard to understand. Philosophers, poets and scientists have always argued about the nature of the inner humanity that unites us all: is it a cruel beast or a tender loving creature that resides deep inside of us? This question has never found its answer. However, it is quite often the beast that can be seen in the different acts; humans do in their daily lives. We can be severe, spiteful, hypocritical, and selfish. However; we still have a heart no matter how cold and frizzing it might be. It will eventually become kind and tender toward some people in some special situations. Being human is something we are born with. Indeed, our human side no matter who we are must appear from time to time in some events. We remain humans although we’re trying to be indifference and hide our emotions to keep that superficial strong personality. For instance, helping other people, sharing others’ experience, having…show more content…
In being willing to be wounded, we may not lessen the hurt others feel, but our listening may help them recognize their own voice. In turn, that voice may speak the words to spark change. So, “The willingness to be wounded may be all we have to offer” is true. Indeed, putting up emotional barriers so as not to be vulnerable to the suffering of his patients did not help anyone. When the doctor listened with an open heart to the elder patient, they tumbled down: the careful listening, the thorough exam, the laying of hands was the therapy. Interactions by individuals like them are the hands and feet of a movement towards serving individuals affected by a major disaster. All in all, to interact with other people, boundaries should collapse and like Dr. Abraham Verghese said: “The years have shown that there is no armor. There never was. The willingness to be wounded may be all we have to

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