Importance Of Organizational Culture In Business

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Introduction It is relatively easy to understand the importance of organisational cultures in industries and how it can be seen as an intangible asset for organisations - a source of competitive advantage and a key reason for businesses in maximizing performance and output. However, the reverse can also be true. If organisational cultures in industries are not managed correctly or are left un-managed, it can become dysfunctional or toxic for those organisations. In these situations the organisational culture of a business can become a burden for that organisation instead an asset. It can even lead to the failure of the business due to underperformance. Some types of Organisational Cultures that can be found in different organisations; • The Collaborative Culture This type of organizational culture entails that workers are encouraged and empowered to cooperate in projects that are both within and outside of their departments. Teamwork is condoned in this kind of work environment and the workers that are employed must be prepared and have capabilities to cooperate throughout their time of work. Individual projects and assignments are known to be scarce.…show more content…
Nonetheless, many types of businesses can excel when working with a creative organizational culture that highly stresses the importance on entrepreneurship and dynamic thought. While still stressing the importance of cooperation, the creative culture does also demand for more independent projects among its employees in the organisation. In most situations, employees may have the strength to give their own ideas and plans. The creative organizational culture also does stress the importance of creativity and innovation among the organisation. These businesses try by all means to be trendsetters and set the bars high within their
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