The Importance Of Sleep In College Students

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The importance of sleep is general knowledge. One needs a sufficient amount of sleep in order to be able to function properly throughout the day. Olivia Arnold states that sleep is beneficial for memory, comprehension, attention and academic success. Moreover, research shows that sleep or the lack of it also causes impaired perception, emotional disturbance and a generally lower efficiency of task performance. Sleep deprivation however, is a concept numerous college students are very much familiar with for multiple college students get an inadequate amount of sleep; which in return compromises the very aspects of their lives that they need to be able to perform properly and successfully. This happens because college students believe that…show more content…
Sleep deprivation causes your brain an inability to function properly which affects one’s cognitive abilities and emotional state. It is important to give emphasis to all the consequences because it displays exactly how vital sleep is to anyone, more specifically to college students. College students must be in their best emotional, physical, and mental state especially during the day as to not affect their ability to learn and absorb the lessons. If their cognitive abilities are slowed down then they are at a disadvantage during class discussions. The lack of sleep is also a safety risk for it slows down one’s reflexes making you more prone to accidents. Emotionally, sleeplessness is very hazardous for a college student because it increases their depressive symptoms. Depression is already very common among college students and it does not help that a disturbance of sleep is a principal feature of depression. Moreover, their emotional state is already very fragile because of stress and pressure so depriving them of sleep will likely cause anxiety and severe mood swings. Essentially, sleep deprivation harms many aspects of college students’ lives and it is the responsibility of the university to ensure that their students are given all the means to put themselves in their best condition possible given the heavy lifestyle college…show more content…
There are schools that have rooms entirely just for napping. An example of this is The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. This college has been offering their students a place to rest or nap for three years now. Even Harvard has discussed a student petition to establish an on-campus nap room. Some may argue that a library is a sufficient enough area for students to get some sleep but that is not so because students may find it awkward to sleep in front of other people. In addition, libraries do not provide enough comfort for a student to get the kind of sleep that will recharge the body and brain. The University of Michigan has been piloting a napping station since 2014. They have a very practical and systematic process of its usage. It had a first-come, first-serve basis, with a 30-minute time limit on snoozing. The feedback that this university has gotten from it was all positive and shows that other universities should do the same. Dormers will also benefit from this because you are forced to start working again after your nap where as taking a nap in the dorm will tempt you to just sleep some more. These nap nooks will most definitely improve on campus productivity and that in itself is enough reason to fund such

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