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Forklift or also known as power truck lift is a tool that allows efficient and safe movement of materials and products. In the Factories and Machinery Act 1967 (Revised – 1974), a forklift is defined as a type of material handling equipment. Usage of forklift is critical to most industries for carrying, lifting, stacking and transferring loads. However, due to its size and weight, forklift accidents resulting in physical injuries and even death occurred in the workplace each year. As such, the importance of having proper and safe handling procedure of this type of mechanical handling equipment should be emphasized to all level of related employers and employees. The risk of being exposed to injury that can even lead to fatalities is very…show more content…
Having all these best practices implemented will decrease the chances of injuries to happen to the related workers and also to prevent damage to property and equipment. Applying all these precautions steps will benefit organizations tremendously and help increase work efficiency, preserve equipment life and reduce the cost incurred for downtime. The occupational safety procedures in forklift handling include the responsibilities of both employers and employee, the physical hazards and safety issues related to forklifts, proper forklifts operation manual and a supporting workplace systems e.g. traffic management plans, incident reporting. Based on the forklift accident that occurred in the logistic warehouse involving the lorry driver, there are few things that should be scrutinized in order to understand the reasons such accident occurred. It is clear that some safety procedures were not carried out accordingly during the incident. A forklift should be driven in a separate forklift route to ensure that no pedestrians or other workers are nearby during the operation of the forklift. For the lorry driver to be standing nearby the forklift during its operation is an indication that the route of the forklift was not separated from the…show more content…
However when an accident occurs and medical leave is given even for less than 4 days it still needs to be reported under Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. The Occupational Safety and Health (Notification of Accident, Dangerous Occurrence, Occupational Poisoning and Occupational Disease) Regulations 2004 [NADOPOD] provides further requirement and information on the notification method, procedure and process to be followed by the employer and the medical practitioner in pursuant to the requirements of section 32 of Act 514. Reporting incidents stated under section 32 of Act 514 will assist DOSH in determining underlying causes of incidences, in which remedial actions can be taken to ensure no similar recurrence of such incidents in the future. Data gathered will also be used to form important database for DOSH to conduct analysis and produce strategic plan in administering and enforcing the law. Thus the NADOPOD guidelines provide official interpretations, answers, and explanations to questions employers would most frequently ask. It is

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