The Importance Of Working Memory In Children

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In life the brain is the main body part that is used the most. The brain is used to store memories. “Working memory is the ability to store and manipulate information for brief periods” (Alloway, Rajendran, & Archibald, 2009, p.372). Different skills involved throughout the working memory are either used or struggled with when it comes to students who are born with a disability. Depending on the uniqueness of the diagnosis of a student’s memory will determine if their memory skills are impacted. According to (Alloway et al) “Children with attention problems were impacted in working memory in both verbal and visuospatial learning, whereas children with Asperger Syndrome had deficits in verbal short-term memory but not in any other memory components” (2009, p.372). Teachers need to keep themselves educated about how they can help these students continue to learn, by helping them conquer and earn an education with this disability. The article “Working memory in children with developmental disorders” discusses working memory across students with different developmental disorders and the impact it has on their working memory (Alloway et al, 2009). The article “Working memory in children with developmental disorder”…show more content…
“Although working memory skills do not seem to be impaired in this population, the pattern of performance appears to depend on their general ability” (Alloway et al, 2009, p.373). “For example, Russell et al. (1996) reported that low-functioning autistic adolescents performed more poorly than chronological age-matched participants but did not differ from IQ-matched participants on measures of both verbal and visuospatial working memory” (Alloway et al, 2009, p.373). These students typically have trouble showing emotion, along with keeping an interest. Asperger syndrome students typical only like to learn information that they are interested

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