Late Adulthood Case Study

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Changing care need through the life stages Introduction As life expectancy is increasing in the western society (O Brien 2013) I am going to take this opportunity to look into the changes in late adulthood; in this assignment I am going to write about “Patsy” the name has been changed to protect the identity of my client. I am going to be using the tutor’s notes from class and research information from the internet and books. In my assignment I am going to use in general the Physical, Intellectual, emotional and social in late adulthood. The P.I.E.S of development in late adult Physical: In late adulthood the physical strength gradually declines, and various physiological changes may occur like young old look young for their age and they look very old for their age, your heart rate slows down and so do your blood flow, your eye sight and hearing become less active. Your memory can also decline; you don’t need as much sleep. Bone mass declines especially amongst women leading to bone disorders such as osteoporosis and muscles become weaker the skin becomes less flexible and age spots appear, also the hair will become grey and you could suffer hair loss.…show more content…
Concreting on more than then one object at a time is hard for late adulthood as they get slower to take in information and the speed to do different tasks also slowed
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