Comparing Robot 'And Blade Runner'

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I.Robot and Blade Runner Discussion 1. The single event that caused Del Spooner to be so distrusting of robots occurred when he and another car had gotten in an accident and had fallen in the water. There were two cars with Del trapped in one and a little girl trapped in the other. When Del Spooner try to tell the robot to save the girl the robot breaks into his car and spares him rather than the little girl that wanted to be a dentist. Del learns that the girl was not saved because the robot calculated that he would have a better chance of survival and he regrets not doing more to save the life of the little girl. 2. The way that I would program a robot to save the life of a girl over a man is you give the robot priorities of people to save. You can make an order of the people you want to save and then program that into the robot. It is…show more content…
The importance of the eyes in Blade Runner is that they are symbols for the replicant and it is the difference between humans. In Blade Runner the Tyrell Corp uses the psychological tests to tell the difference between a replicant and a human. The man discovers Leon is a replicant when Leon’s eyes change in size because a human displays emotion in these situations, when a replicant’s eyes would then dilate. This ultimately leads to the examiner’s death because replicants have super human strength. Then towards the beginning of the movie the Deckard interviews Rachel and determines she is a replicant because he eye changes in size. This was a key moment in the movie because it set Rachel up to be the fifth replicant, maybe sixth if you count Deckard, roaming the earth at the time. The founder of the Tyrell Corporation tried to program her to be as human as possible but yet the eye displayed that Rachel is a replicant. In the middle of the movie when Roy and the other replicant go and visit the creator of the eyes he exclaims that Roy’s eyes are his. Roy doesn't have individuality because he is a fabricated

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