Domino's Pizza Case Study

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Stakeholder is an individuals or groups that likely to affect or be affected by a proposed action in the project management or business administration. It’s a key of the part of stakeholder management. The major stakeholder that will affect the organization’s action, objective of Domino’s Pizza is employee, customer and financial institutions. Employee For the employee in Domino’s Pizza, they had given them with high wages. The reason why is because Domino’s Pizza wants to protect the principle of the employees and hopes their employee can contribute more for the company to increase the revenue. Besides, Domino’s Pizza accepts any complaint or dissatisfaction from their employees and trying hard to improve to make their employees feel comfortable.…show more content…
The employee will not be ill-treated by the company because Domino’s Pizza is a company who focused on the status of employees. If their employees feel uncomfortable with their position, Domino’s Pizza Company will try their best to improve the problem because those employees are the main important stakeholders that will affect the profit of the company. Every year, Domino’s Pizza will hold some activities, seminar or training for their employee. Through these activities Domino’s Pizza can get close relationship with their employee and also can improve their productive and motivate them to achieve more personal and company goals. According to the reviews that show in website, some of the employee is very satisfaction with the company treats. Its show that Domino’s Pizza Company is very successful in this…show more content…
The more customers purchase on their store, the more profit and revenue the stores get earn. To satisfy customers need and requirements, Domino’s Pizza sometimes will offer the pizza to the customer with the lower price and also will launch some special promotion with value for money for instance customer will get 50% on purchase with the second pizza and the promotion of ‘Buy one get one free’. It is very worth for those big family customers. In every stores of Domino’s Pizza serve to their customers with four different size of pizza which are personal (6 inch), regular (9 inch), large (12 inch) and extra-large (15 inch). There are also 16 types of pizza that provided in Malaysia, the most popular pizza that would like to order from the customers is Crunchy Thin Crust, New York Crust, Extreme Edge Crust and Classic Hand Tossed. To fulfill their entire customers’ appetite, Domino’s Pizza rolls out with more than 25 taste of pizza and two customize pizza which is customers may make their own pizza and make half and half taste of

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