The Importance Of The Printing Press

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The Printing Press Before the printing press was invented people used to spend lots of time making books for the government and, children could not have much education. After the printing press was invented, people could get a lot of copies of one books. Children had enough textbooks to learn and not only they got learn more,but they didn’t have to share one book against two or more. And people could save much more time and money rather than buying really expensive books of one copy, and also writing books over and over again. The printing press made people’s lives much easier. Before, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, books had to be copied by hand. This was a slow, painful process that could take more than a year for each book, the people copying them often made various mistakes. Very few books were published, and they were only available to monks and scholars. Over time, evolution of the printers had increased more technology and the amount of printing was unlimitedly improved. Books are now open to anybody and that the process is not slow and painful anymore. This is why the printer we use in our everyday life is affordable and easy to purchase.…show more content…
The invention of the printing press was led to a huge increase of printing within only a few decades. As a sequence many people learned how to read and strengthen their knowledge. And, if the printing press was not invented the information might not be accurate. Mistake are often made during the process, so if you were to read wrong and inaccurate information, wrong things could be spread around. After the printing press was invented authors did not have to worry about making mistakes and the people can trust reading accurate
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