Argumentative Essay On Veganism

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Is It Healthier To Have A Vegan Lifestyle By Nick Trutickoff Oct 24, 2009 When it all started and the very popular Elsie and Donald utilized the word VEGAN to define the strict vegetarians, the life style and the diet were literally misunderstood. Many vegetarians as well refused to associate themselves with this radical movement. The practice of veganism started a health crazed and clubby fame. Their diet eventually became truly admired and popular with the countercultural groups, especially of the hippies, but it still sustained its individuality. These days, a vast number of vegans try to get rid of the self righteous identity and even promote the cause of veganism as a fashionable and fun style of living. The vegan way of living likewise tries to be changing from being associated to self sacrifice to being associated with fun. The persons looking forward to turn in to vegans are literally more attracted to the health, environmental and ethical…show more content…
Their main aim is to enjoy and lead a life that is purely cruelty free. The vegans as well believe in the fact that lower consumption or no consumption of animal goods will support into more use of the plant foods by humans than the livestock, thereby helping to have a better world to live in. Where everyone has something to eat. Vegans restrain from utilizing the animal products like silk, wool, leather and cosmetics. Trading the wool and silk clothing and the leather footwear for hemp and Payless kicks used to be the greatest sacrifice by vegans. Now the vegan cloth designers offer the new aesthetic which is made especially cruelty free and in a voguish style. Stella McCartney, the great fashion designer utilizes the imitation leather together with natural fibers to introduce her clothes. A great number of people often question the reasons because of which one have to lead a vegan life

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