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The Renaissance shaped European history, it was the “rebirth” following the Middle Ages that contributed to the interest of Classical Scholarship and values. Discoveries during the Renaissance changed European lifestyle such as the feudal system and the growth of commerce. Some of these discoveries were the explorations of new places and the invention of the printing press, the mariner’s compass, and gunpowder. One major contribution was that the Renaissance was a time for new knowledge for the scholars and thinkers.The renaissance started by an intellectual movement called humanism.Humanism is the importance in focusing in human rather than divine. This was very significant because it imply the unity and agreeable to the truth found in a…show more content…
Secularism implies the value of human life rather than religion, this is important to literature because it was more realistic. Rationalism is the focus of logic,proof, and the beginning of science, this is significant because writers wrote about facts that were against the church’s beliefs. The renaissance influenced many authors to express their creations, and break free from religious ideas. This expanded throughout north and all parts of Europe. Some famous authors are the poet Dante, he reveals a similar concern with internal experiences and the different types of variations of human nature. His famous literature called Divine Comedy, ideas and events demonstrate spirit and expression that include the Renaissance.This piece of writing was very important because he wrote this piece in Italian, which later on influenced other writers to replace Latin and Greek with their native language. Other writers such as Shakespeare use the form sonnet to write poems, this became very popular. Shakespeare is a poet and playwright (c.1564-1616). His profession in theater modeled his

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