Greek Mythology Importance

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If you imagine living three or four thousand years ago, before science, before the internet, before books being published, humanity needed a way of understanding the world around them. They needed answers to questions concerning them, to comprehend the relationship between the humans and the natural world and between humankind and divinity. When mythology finally existed, humankind began to find answers that they were looking for a long time ago. It finally became possible to lead religious institutions or even government to be able to use mythology to promote a certain belief. How do I define mythology? Well for me, Mythology is a collection of traditional stories about religion and about a certain culture or place. Mostly, they are about gods and goddesses that is praised and enshrined by ancient human. Also, Mythologies give explanations about the inexplicable or supernatural events during those times. It is like religion, since they had their own gods and is set a thousand years…show more content…
Mythology helps artists such as painters, sculptors, and even architects to improve and develop their culture through their works. They sometimes incorporate traditions, customs and belief of their culture through their art to convey to other people the importance of their own roots. Another importance is society, through myths we become more curious about the past, resulting for us to become more inquisitive about our ancestors, about the history of our culture which in result can improve social work and the civilization around us. Faith is another importance of mythology, it gives life to and develop our beliefs. It improves our understanding on what we believe in. And finally, because of our understanding and knowledge of mythology, we gain sufficient ability to believe in ourselves just like heroes in myths, how they overcome conflicts, overcome their struggles. Mythology somehow molds us to become better versions of

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