Ancient Greek Society

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The Greek civilization was one of the most imperative in the history of mankind. Greek civilization was a civilization that has given us fundamental things that would be impossible without conceiving the modern world as we do now. That is why, it is the birthplace of the modern world and deserves our respect, appreciation, interest and study. In addition, it is the basis of all the political, social, and cultural process which we live. They created a unique culture leaving a lasting legacy to the extent that our ideas about politics, medicine, history and art are largely legacy of the unified ancient Greeks country. The Greeks have given us an ideal of beauty based on the harmony of mathematical proportions, taking man as the measure of all…show more content…
Similarly, this kind art helps us recognize where they come from different representations that are used today in the modern world, making it a great reference for art today. Greek art has taken hold not only in Greece but also in different parts of the world, so that today we can see the wonders Greek existing in any country or city and likewise can admire replicas of the most important Greek architectural elements who have made a specific stage in the history of mankind. In addition, knowing today of Greek architecture is important because it is a promotion of education and long overdue cultural growth of society is encouraged in what refers to the art. Similarly, it can rescue the considerable influence that has developed over the centuries in all parts of the Greek world agriculture, which has created an initiative to pursue careers such as late civil engineering and architecture, which are have gradually strengthened and they have generated a passionate man to create wonderful things, such as the current architecture, based on what today is known as classical Greek architecture or architecture. Furthermore, and similarly, Greek sculpture has had a very strong influence in the world, and that since it is a sculpture type classic may be a reference to evaluate things of the same type and reflect the cultures. One important thing to know, that these sculptures were basis for achievements made at the time of Nazism and Fascism lived in Germany, which show the situation that was living at the time and had different perceptions. Equally as important, today it sculpture Greek has generated a level of ethics, very representative beauty and education in society, which has boosted the value and
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