Love In The Time Of Cholera Analysis

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Fermina Daza is caught in a suffocating love triangle with two men in Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. Dr. Urbino and Florentino Ariza, the other two sides of the triangle, both want all of Fermina’s attention. However, Fermina holds her ground and eventually gets what she truly wants, true love. Márquez uses the theme of love to display Fermina Daza a true prince because she overthrows the status quo, is always armed, and confers benefits gradually. Fermina Daza’s lack of submission assists in her ability to overthrow the preexisting norms of her society. One day her husband, Dr. Urbino is explaining something to her. Dr. Urbino offers to turn on the light for her but she stops him because “she wanted to be the one to…show more content…
Not long after Dr. Urbino's passing, Fermina wrote an aggressive letter to Florentino in response to his untimely expression of love at Urbino's vigil. Florentino mistook her letter for an opportunity to win her back through a multitude of letters, but after six months, he recognized his failure, realizing “he had heard nothing at all” (Márquez 296). She did not want to get involved with another man so soon after her husband’s death. Fermina tries to figure out how she can give the letters back to him without being “the rebuff she no longer wanted to give” (Márquez 299). Originally, Fermina wanted to abruptly reject Florentino but soon realized she no longer wanted to do this. She wants to let him down and give that letters back as a rejection without being harsh. She wanted to be easier on him because she is slowly becoming more and more curious about him. After they meet up again and start to become friends once again, they go without seeing each other for a few more weeks. Fermina realizes that she “needed no more than three Tuesdays to realize how much she missed Florentino Ariza’s visits (Márquez 317). She is starting to fully realize that she wants to accept what Florentino is offering. Fermina is a strong woman who shows her power by standing up for and relying on herself. She lets people know she is capable of being herself and making her own decisions. She is always prepared to stand up for herself. And she understands what works best for her. Márquez creates a strong female character who shows all of the attributes of a strong prince. Fermina is a successful prince because she holds true to these

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