Happiness And Happiness: The Importance Of Happiness

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Everywhere people go, they see signs that read, “Think positive, be positive,” or, “Worry less and smile more,” as if telling people the right way to live. However, pleasurable emotions lead people away from a very advantageous and innate psychological state­ negativity. People assume that they should feel happy at all times in order to receive the most out of life, but in reality, emotional diversity is the key to experiencing a fulfilled life. Enduring other emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, and others related to those, are just as important in life as happiness because they help fuel goals for self­improvement and lead to rational thinking skills. Despite the fact that happiness is vital in a person’s life, people need to experience other emotions as well in order to live a satisfied and versatile life. Although happiness makes people feel exuberant…show more content…
When feeling happy, people are more likely to remain stagnant in life rather than advance. By being “satisfied with your life and with how things are in the world, you don’t feel motivated” to have higher aspirations (Begley 456). If a person feels sad about where he is in life, he will have the ambition to improve and reach new goals; similarly, if a person is angry with a situation, that anger will provoke the person to change his situation for the better. Facing negative emotions and advancing through life to a higher status will conclusively expedite happiness. Unpleasant moods can cause people to have “an aura of expertise and authority” which can lead to an aspiration for an improved lifestyle (David 126). Having surpassed life’s

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