Education In George Orr's Earth In Mind

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Throughout the novel Earth in mind: on education, environment and the human prospect, Orr demonstrates to the reader that one of the major problems that society is faced with includes the misdirected education that individuals are provided with. Orr believes that education can be a dangerous thing, but it is not so much the problems in education but rather the problem of education itself. (p. 13) The problems that individuals are faced with in society can be seen as a result of having education that is ignorant towards many issues. According to Orr (2004), “ It is simply fatuous to believe that we can raise smart children or live intelligently as adults in a society that has become so destructive and self indulgent” (p. xiii) In other words, Orr…show more content…
One of the main points that Orr establishes includes the various problems of education. He views these problems, arising from contemporary education that has a modern drive to dominate nature. (p. 5) He also believes that problems of education include, people will find careers before they can find a calling, teach individuals that the world is disconnected and damage the sense of wonder that individuals have about nature. (p. 19-21) In relation to this, another main point Orr provides is that the education that has been jeopardizing humanity can be changed through learning the importance of ecological education. Orr believes that, ecological education is “ not just about biology, it is equally about the deeper causes of biotic impoverishment,” (p. 69). In the text he states that, the kind of education that society needs begins with realizing that the crisis of global ecology is a crisis of values, ideas, perspectives and knowledge. (123) Through demonstrating the importance of ecological education, Orr provides various ideas that challenge the modern curriculum. This can be seen through moving education beyond the classroom in order to learn about important aspects of the

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