The Importance Of Forgiving

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A young girl heads out to town to hang out with her friends; the girl has a great time and heads back home to find her parents murdered. She calls the police and the research for the homicide begins, yet the case runs cold and is closed after years. Then, new research comes up all hope rises and they go deeper and figure out who the parents murderer was. A trial goes on to convict the ‘murderer’ of their crime; the girl sees the murderer and testifies of what she's seen when she came back home. All evidence then leads to the murderer to be guilty. She looks at the murderer in the eyes as the person walks up to her and asks for forgiveness of their actions. The girl doesn’t respond and wonders if she should forget or forgive. Eva Kor in, It’s For You to Know That You Forgive, Says Holocaust Survivor, experienced a similar situation which was graver during and after the Holocaust. Eva Kor forgave the person who was a cog in her experimentation. Meanwhile, Simon Wiesenthal in The Sunflower didn’t forgive a Nazi. While, this girl maybe won’t forgive. Everyone has their own decision, but forgiving is truly something we should do for the piece of mind.…show more content…
There are many different situations to decide of whether a person should forgive or not. From lying to blackmail to murder. In the article, It’s For You to Know That You Forgive, Says Holocaust Survivor, Eva Kor speaks of what happened to her family and her sister and goes up to trial against a former Nazi at the end of the trial the former Nazi hugs and kisses Kor and she manages to forgive him following after the events in an interview she says, “when a victim chooses to forgive, they take the power back from their tormentors”. Forgiving is not giving them power, it's not obliterating someones terrible actions; it's simply a coping mechanism and a way to set a person free in their

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