Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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Abstract—The importance of biometric authentication is increasing rapidly because it verifies the claimed user identity. There are different types of biometrics available such as finger print, facial scan, retinal scan, voice print. From these, face is one of the most commonly used biometric. Hence the development of face recognition system seems to be useful. There are many techniques people use to evade their identification. Plastic surgery is one of them. Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure to correct the facial anomalies or to improve the appearance of the face. Matching of images before and after the plastic surgery process is the difficult task for automatic face recognition systems because of the wide variations created due to plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery changes facial features to large…show more content…
It provides resilience to variations in inner and outer facial regions. It uses the relation between horizontal and vertical granules to address the variations in forehead, chin, ears, and cheeks caused due to plastic surgery procedures. From this level can get different combinational pattern of eyes, nose, cheek and chin. From the second level of granularity can get 18 granules. Third Level of Granularity: In the third level of granularity is done by dividing the image into 16 granules based on the golden ratio template algorithm fig7. The human face golden ratio means the most beautiful face ratio. It has three parts that means from hairline to eyebrow, from eyebrow to nose and from nose to chin. In this level the faces are divided according to these three parts. Here the human face golden ratio is used to define the facial feature size. Fig.3: first level of granularity by applying Gaussian operator. Fig.4: first level of granularity by applying Laplacian

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