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Mr. Thathamkulam RN, MSN works as the Nurse Manager (NM) for Eye Clinics. He has demonstrated excellence in his nursing assessment skills, leadership skills, coordination of care for the internal and external customers, collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, and using evidenced based research to guide the practice of his employees to impact good patient/family care results. In 2013, he obtained his MSN with an emphasis in Health Care System Education and MBA in management and finance from American Sentinel University and Manav Barti university respectively. He mainly focused his interest in patient’s safety and quality throughout his service in the VA system. He worked as a full time Team Leader, charge nurse, and interim NM (3 months)…show more content…
The 1st case delay rate has gone down from 3% to 0% in 2 months. The operating rooms are a very costly part of the organization, and it usually costs about $1600 an hour to run an OR. By reducing delays in OR, Mr. Thathamkulam was able to minimize the organizational cost. As a result, Houston VA’s first case start time is from 87% to 90%, which is above the VISN level. The national goal of 1st case start time is 75%. Under the guidance and delegation of Mr. Thathamkulam plays a vital role to achieve the organizational goal of starting 1st cases in the OR on…show more content…
Patients and family are well prepared for their diagnostic procedures, and after care. Mr. Thathamkulam was able to assist his Telecare co-workers to identify medical problems when they had questions about the disease and its protocol for triage. He was also able to assist nurses and MSAs for all kind of computer skills including some of the software and hard ware problems. For example, last year all the Telecare computers had changed to windows 7, and most of the staff had a problem with the window that how to operate the new system. He taught everyone individually on how to run it smoothly, and they were able to demonstrate it without further dilemma. The nurses had a big challenge in the new windows system when they did Triage, as the Veteran’s Health Gate (VHG) was not connecting to Telephone Record Manager (TRM). All the nurses were frustrated and it was time consuming too. He had been asking for HELP DESK assistance and was not able to get a help from them immediately to avoid patient care delay. So finally, he decided to do some research and figure out how he can resolve this problem. Actually, the problem was our new windows system, as it had two internet explorers, one

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