In The Time Of The Butterflies Analysis

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Julia Alvarez a Dominican-American novelist whose own father had escaped Trujillo’s reign during its death climax. She heard from her father about 3 sisters who were political activist. Julia Alvarez wrote a novel called In the time of the Butterflies to create her own form of justice towards the Mirabal sisters and Rufino de la Cruz their driver who was also killed with them. In her novel there are multiple themes present such as corruption and control which is a very significant theme since the Dominican Republic had a corrupt leader for approximately 30 years who did not allow anyone to really express themselves. It seems strange how something we do freely now still has the same consequence of death for justice and peace. Expressing your…show more content…
He is at an age where she could be his daughter but that doesn't really matter as he impregnated and shipped off one of her old classmates while they were around 12-14. A 40 something year old man having sexual intercourse with a underage girl. What is most particularly disturbing is the fact that he did this to multiple women who could not speak up about it as he would have them killed. His method is quite common using sweet words and compliments, bringing little gifts for them to enjoy making them think he cares for them. Then boom he lures them into a sense of safety and he uses them to his own pleasure till they are no longer of any use to him or his ‘needs’. This goes with our current president who has many many sexual assault offences and more coming out every month. Trump has also made several sexual claims towards his daughter who says that she does not particularly like him yet is still supporting him making sure he does not do anything wrong. It's disturbing that both Trump and Trujillo have people covering up for them, which leads to cases that they have consciously gotten away with using so many women and using fear to silence them into feeling like it was their

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