The Importance Of Storytelling

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Thesis Storytelling evolves throughout generations as humans create new ways to use storytelling, from the war stories used to spread information of heroism, to the fairy tales used to teach kids morals, humans have adapted storytelling to almost everything. Most storytelling results in good influence, but certain stories can lead to being brainwashed or used to convincing yourself that you’re doing the right thing. While storytelling can lead to so many good influences, but it will affect your life’s choices. But our memories are only stories that we tell ourselves again and again each time we recall an event, not a true depiction of the facts, therefore we create stories based on memories we have and not one memory is the real truth. Essay…show more content…
In my peripheral vision, I caught sight of my prey scuttling out of the bus, drained from the days work, walking back home to his children. His name is Andrew, father of two and husband of a recently deceased wife, perfect client for me to help and bring out some “sweet” memories, days worth of surveillance will finally pay off... As I stalked my prey stealthily, sticking to the shadows, hiding my presence. Knowing that Andrew will be passing the next bridge, I planned my attack. Moving swiftly forward, I silently and skillfully scale the side of the rocky bridge, in position to the next phase. As Andrew appeared in my line of sight, I dropped behind him. Before he could react, I hastily covered his mouth and nose with a cloth, slowing his struggle as his body went limp. Slinging him over my shoulder, I moved onwards, back under the bridge and into the camouflaged door in the shadow of the

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