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The Art of Storytelling The importance of the past contributes to the nature of the present and what the future holds. In the film The Secret of Roan Inish directed by John Sayles, family traditions are passed down from generation to generation through the art of storytelling. The family traditions that are passed down characterize the Coneelly family’s heritage and it rejuvenates their culture. This new insight played a major role into the Coneelly’s return to Roan Inish that contributed to a healthier and more prosperous future. Ultimately, the Coneellys return to Roan Inish and grandfather’s stories peeked Fiona’s interest that led to the discovery of Jamie. Some stories are derived from tales and myths and are turned into a fabrication of lies that only entertain the listener. Such lies are what drive most stories and give emphasis that…show more content…
The island gives plentiful, yet it always seems to take as well. Hugh tells Fiona about the story of her little brother, Jamie, being taken by the sea. How the sea just took poor wee little Jamie with her to never return. It was after being with her grandparents for a while; Fiona starts to see a light on Roan Inish. She questions her grandfather if it could be Jamie, but he recants saying when pigs will fly. This only entices Fiona to investigate and ask her cousin, Eamon, to see if he believed if Jamie was alive. Eamon only tells her rumors that Jamie rides around in his cradle like a boat and navigates around the island. Fiona had her fill of stories and goes to Roan Inish to only find small footprints in the sand and it looked as if someone had been living there. She goes back again and finally sees Jamie picking flowers but runs away when Fiona tries to get close. Ultimately, Fiona was persuaded by her grandparents’ stories about Roan Inish; thus, leading to the discovery of her little brother

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