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The Essentials of Storytelling Once upon a time, a long time ago, and in the beginning, are very familiar phrases. Phrases we automatically associate with storytelling. They can start with any form of communications from verbal to nonverbal. The fact is most stories will probably start something like this: when I was younger or just the other day. The sender or the person will use whatever way they can come up with to catch your attention. The basic components of storytelling are, a beginning, a middle and in most cases an ending. Some endings are what we call a cliff-hanger, or an ending without any closer, which may not even seem like an ending at all. Regardless of how we tell our stories, storytelling is an essential part of Interpersonal…show more content…
We have proof of this on cave walls all over the world in to form of drawings. That is how we started relaying information from one person to another. Storytelling is a part of the human nature. By sharing and teaching the next generation from our own knowledge and wisdom, we encourage and inspire them to do the same. Now days we use much broader ways of communicating than ever before. We use written words or text, both hand written and electronically. We use graphs, charts and diagrams to represent words in presentations, or anything we feel is needed to properly represent the information we want to relay. If we learn to communicate more effectively, those skills can prove to be very valuable in business and personal relationships…show more content…
For instance, some families have generation after generation of people who, believe in the same religion and go to the same church, work in the same line of work like law enforcement or the medical field, and some that follow in the same form of education, and attend the same colleges. While families who have become more estranged over the years and have not passed on the whole family value thing very well, will more likely move in very different directions, from one another. I have witnessed firsthand how well the family secrets and stories get passed on in an estranged family. No doubted holds true for family connections like communications, support, or any sort of empathy, one would receive with a larger and higher family value system in place

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