Krik? Krak ! By Edwidge Danticat: Literary Analysis

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WORLD LITERATURE HOMEWORK: Sabrina Ferreiro 30/8/14 2nd Reflective and Analytic Essay: Children of the sea and Caroline’s wedding are both short stories from the book Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat . Children of the sea is set at the beginning of the book making it the first short story whereas Caroline’s wedding is situated in as the last story in the book without counting the Epilogue called Women Like Us. Children of the Sea and Caroline’s weddning have very different settings and stories . The author stated that Children of the Sea was originally called From the Ocean floor . Children of the sea was set in an early age than Caroline’s wedding , the certain location they both have in common is Ville Rose because the unnamed female narrator in Children of the Sea flees to Ville Rose to escape the macoutes for her own protection something she learned of later on ; whereas Ma, the mother of Gracina and Caroline was from Ville Rose and later on moved to U.S New York and still tried to keep the traditions and culture she had back in Haiti to teach her girls so they could be raised and live as a proud and well-rounded Haitian women. Children of the Sea consists of two lovers writing letters that will never be read and whilst one is escaping the brutality of…show more content…
For instance in Children of the Sea the nameless female narrator’s mother told her how butterflies bring news , this is why when she saw the black butterfly trying to land on her she knew her unnamed lover died at sea, whilst when the unnamed boy was in the boat the old ladies would pass time by telling stories to the young and old. In Caroline’s wedding it is seen with the bed stories when Gracina’s and Caroline’s father would tell them jokes such as the God joke in page 179, Ma told the girls about a traditional game that women would do called the question game which the girls loved to do as a pass

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