The Importance Of Sports In Sports And Sports

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Motivator when playing matches its characteristic of us to give up or lose motivation if something goes wrong or the intensity is depleted this means it’s the coaches job to get these levels a lot higher and to get the most of their players (to adequate levels regarding age, ability etc and not beyond). They shouldn’t motiviate through aggression, different players have a element of specificiency to their personality’s and game style therefore we all are motivated in different ways the coach should use there knowledge to put into action for players Role Model: when the coach possesses power and responsibility they automatically become a role model for the players to look to for guidance and learn acceptable behavioural traits from them the…show more content…
This knowledge should consist of understanding of the skills, tactics and strategies needed for productive training, practices and decicions in and sports are for ever evolving and changing meaning new rules new tactics and new ways to win or lose therefore its vital a coach moves at the same pace as there a many ways a coach can keep on top of this, coaching schools and camps have poped up all over to help provide coaches with a way to chase the growing game. A sports coach is responsible is for making sure its safe to train and play that means taking into account all environmental factors, hazards such as trips or slips but also the conditions to play in extreme conditions such as cold or hot temperatures can have severe consequences when coaching inside in places like halls or gyms there will be radiators and even some windows, these should be padded and locked ensuring that no accidents can happen in a lot of cases the area won’t be big enough so the coach has to think of an effective way to avoid

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