The Importance Of Women In Sports

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In the past, men have dominated the world of sports however female athletes are starting to push through and are gaining popularity at a fast rate. Male athletes are known for their riches and have gained popularity based on the amount of money they have. For example: male basketball players. One of the highest paid basketball players right now is Kevin Love, he makes approximately $21,165,675. But, what about a female basketball player? Sylvia Fowles, one of the WBNA players only made $109,000 in 2017.This is just one example of a wage gap gaps out of millions. Female athletes are also used to make profit for others while they are not gaining much profit themselves. One could argue that women should earn a similar amount to men in sports the…show more content…
All though in some sports this is true for most this isn’t the case. In the 2018 Winter Olympics the United States won 23 medals, 10 of these were won by the men’s teams and 13 won by the women’s teams. The Olympics are a high level competition and the women really proved themselves this year. Overall at the Olympics the women teams earned better medals than the men in: Giant Slalom, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Bobsledding, and Team Speed Skating. In the summer Olympics the female athletes won 61 medals while male athletes only won 55.this shows a trend being that Female athletes are producing more medals and wins than most of the male athletes. There is a small history of women doing better than men and it is growing bigger and bigger every year. It is important to see these comparisons because it provides proof to the people who believe that women don’t win as much are wrong and at this rate will continue to be wrong if they do not change their mind set. This shows a variety of different sports in which females are dominating men but one of the more common sports is

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