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While I have various interests and talents that have me involved in numerous activities and clubs, the role which optimally defines me is my involvement with cheerleading. I have dedicated my grade school years to train to be one of the top competitors in the industry. When I was 6 years old, I was introduced to Cheer Athletics, the place that I now consider my second home. I became mesmerized by the girls being thrown in the air, flipping and twisting like I have never seen before, and right then I set my mind that I would be just like them, or better. In my twelve years with Cheer Athletics, I have won numerous national titles and two world championships. I have always trained to be the best, but I have never trained to win, because my…show more content…
Last season, right before the World Championship, my coach was talking to the team about how you become successful, a lesson that can be used in more than just cheerleading. She wrote the letters A and B on the mirror and asked us “How do you get from point A to B?” I went up to the mirror and drew a line from the two points, and she went on to explain how there are thousands of ways to get from point A and point B, but it will almost never be as simple as a straight shot; there will be twists and turns, set backs, and successes and they all happen for a reason. One thing I took from this lesson is that the journey that makes you into the person you are, and the end point is just a perk of the work put…show more content…
These 24 people become your family for the next year, they're there to help you through the hard times in practice and more importantly, the hard times in life. That’s what makes cheerleading different from any other sport. The people you take the floor with, are more than just team mates. When I’m not spending my time at my gym, I spend it with my school cheer team, cheering on sports and leading the student sections in a positive manner. Being on my fourth year as captain during my time as a school cheerleader has helped me spread my love for the sport and teach my fellow team mates the lessons my coaches taught me. The dynamic for school cheer is completely different than competitive cheer, but I love being able to experience the good cheerleaders do for the community and

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