Informative Essay On My Boxing Glovess

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What do your gloves mean to you? How many pairs of gloves do you own? Do you even own a pair of gloves? The only gloves you own is probably just winter gloves or mittens. Well, my gloves mean a little more to me. They are my boxing gloves. The importance of my boxing gloves goes way past them just being my first pair of gloves. The importance of the gloves symbolizes the beginning of my career as a fighter. My first pair of gloves is from the brand Revgear. The name “Revgear” is stitched into the gloves on the back of the wrist. The portion of the gloves that occupies the back of the hand is jet black. On the knuckles there numerous amounts cuts and rips in the material. That comes from thousands of punches landing on their targets. The inside,…show more content…
After about 3 months I was rolling around with the black belts of the class. I won a couple of tournaments and everything was great. However, one day I realized that I didn't want to be confined to just Jiu Jitsu. The only logical thing to do was to start competing in MMA. MMA stands for mixed martial arts and is the sport where all of the martial arts are combined and athletes compete against each other. The sport has only been around since 1991 but it has spiked in popularity ever since. Currently the most popular fighter is Ronda Rousey. She is the UFC bantamweight champion, movie star and was voted ESPN's most dominant athlete of 2015. Well, I decided to start my career in that sport but I needed to learn a lot more martial arts if I was going to be able to compete with the other athletes. To do this I switched schools to Milan High School so I could wrestle and I switched gyms. The gym specialized in kickboxing, but they also had a boxing class. In my first class I was given a gym-owned pair of gloves. I seemed to impress the coaches. They promoted me to the pro boxing class and gave me my very own pair of gloves. These were the only pair of gloves that I owned for about 4 years until I eventually got another pair. The gloves mean a lot to me for a number of

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