Cross Country Research Paper

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For students entering into their freshman year of highschool there are plenty of sports and clubs to join but there is one sport I will recommend over all of the others. Cross Country is one of the best high school sports students can participate in. As far as after school sports go Cross country is far more user friendly than the rest. The mental, social, and physical benefits of Cross Country far surpass those of the conventional sport. A saturday morning out on the beaten trail, all I here is the dozens of footsteps clomping along the trail. I look to my right and see the steam bellowing up off of the crystal blue lake. The lake is light up by the aweing crimson sunrise, at this moment I forget all of the weeks stress and am reminded…show more content…
As my legs begin to give out from under me I come along a group of my teammates all screaming at the top of their lungs. The feeling of a feather like lightness returned to my legs and I sprint past an uncountable number of people in the final shoot, As I glance up at the clock I am overrun by my happiness. Complementing to its mental benefits, cross country also has strong social benefits. Runners find themselves connecting to opposing teams, creating long lasting friendships, and a strong feeling of importance to the team. To many runners, the social aspect of the sport is the greatest part of the sport. Unlike football where players develop rivalries against other teams, cross country teams will often cheer on opposing teams as well as congratulate them as they finish their races. Cross Country helps build long lasting friendships. Runners often find that they are better friends with their fellow runners than they had been with their school friends. There is an unexplainable connection between all cross country runners, the connection turns practice from a chore into a great pass time. As many first time cross country runners find, because anyone can participate there is always someone who is at a similar skill level as they are. This not only helps them to connect to each other and the sport, but it allows them to improve together and push each other to do better. This alone should be reason enough for anyone to join cross
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