High School Sports Research Paper

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High School athletes that have a passion for sports look to improve their overall game everyday. Coaches drive athletes so that they can be the best team in their area for high school sports. Motivation drives coaches and athletes across the country so they can out work their opponent. As a former high school athlete I pushed myself to the limit so that I could be the best player out on the field and court. Athletes put sports ahead of education and parents do not enjoy to hear that . So why do athletes in high school look for that edge on the court or field? This primarily happens because athletes want to impress and prove to the coach they are worthy enough to play. Coaches bring pressure to the athletes and it seems to affect them emotionally and physically. Coaches bring so much weight to the table for athletes that they start to burn themselves out for competition. Athletes can get serious injuries and it may be life threatening if they are playing a physical sport. The primary focus for high school athletes is to recognize the…show more content…
They need to make sure high school students don’t get the idea of sports being their life. Suffering these injuries can be very bad for their education in the long run. If athletes believe sports will continue on with the rest of their life then they are wrong because a very low number of people go professional in sports. High school athletes are so caught up in being the best that they convince their mind and body to keep being assertive. Most high school students that pursue to be great are usually the ones who are overtraining. Some athletes want to impress their coach so they can get more playing time in games. This series of events leads high school athletes to being burned out and unprepared for their games and their
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