Prejudice And Racism In Sports

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• Introduction • Thesis: In this paper, multiples ways of research such as interview, survey and observation were conducted in order to have a better picture of the issue, racism in sport, and the results are examined below. • Background. • Context: Racism is described as a discriminatory behavior based on skin color. Racism is a touchy issue that is presented everywhere that there is an interracial cohabitation, and sport is a stage that holds of multiples races. • History: There is a long relationship between humans and sport. People have been doing sport since they have evolved. In fact, sport is the one of the path that humans had to pass as a phase of their evolution. In addition to this relationship, there is a historical relationship…show more content…
For him, racism is a subjective attitude that depends majority on person’s education. He has not lived any situation of racism, and racism prevents people to have the equal opportunities. In addition, the best method to solve this is Education. People should be educated since kids that everyone is equal. • Interviewee 2: another player, football, asserts that racism is a very bad way that people treat others based in the skin tone. There are lots of people that have suffered racism, that is, there is racism almost everywhere, and sport is not excluded because it congregates people from different races. Moreover, racism in sport may be because of misconceptions and misunderstandings that people have, and “some people just believe so! It's…show more content…
Some people belong to a certain religion that prefers only stay with people of the same religion. In addition, cultures has a great role as well; Finally, some people are just ignorant and believe that it is better be connected only with people of the same race or skin color. • The majority of them agreed that racism in sport exists. Sport is played by people from different countries, cultures and religion; and in most of the times people that commit racism in sport belong at a community or society that are used to a certain type of people of an skin color, when they see or be close to people of different race may be strange. However, there are people that have this bad behavior or acquire from parents or family. • The majority of them said that people have to believe that sport is for everyone. No matter color. If people with x color have the ability to do one thing, it doesn't mean that they are the only ones. People should start changing their minds by analyzing and understanding that sports were created to provide joy, fun, happiness. And if it's the main goal, everyone be and play with everyone without any

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