Advantages Of Multi-Rotor Technology

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Abstract— Multi- rotor technology is the advanced technology for wireless drones. Here in this paper it is discussed about different types of copter with different rotors have vividly advantages and applications.They were available in single, double ,triple, quad, hex, octa, copters. Multi-copters uses brushless motors rather than any other simple dc motors. Multi-copters are most probably used nowadays for variety of its applications in communication purposes as wells as in video surveillance and in defense also . Here, comparison is also made between different types of copters and a suitable conclusion is made out of their applications. Keywords— rotors; brushless motors; multi-copters I. INTRODUCTION Multi-copters are most probably used…show more content…
They have started to be used as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or aerial robots mainly for identification purposes. Also, Military applications are…show more content…
6. Y4 configuration for quad copters Advantages of quadcopter  Brushless motors are used  Long battery life  Nice stability D. PENTA-COPTERS Pentacopters have five motors. There is not much information available about penta-copter because it is not as popular as other types of copters due to possible underlying issues.[3]. Pentacopters are very uncommon though, and are considered to be the worst multirotor design.[5]. One main advantage of the pentacopter is the wide angle of the two front arm which allows the propellers to stay out of the camera as far as possible.[3]. Fig. 7. Penta copter [3] One another advantage of pentacopters is the wide angle of the front arms, which makes it easy to shoot aerial photos and videos without the props making it into frame. Also, pentacopters have more lifting power than tricopters or quadcopters.[5]. Fig. 8. Rotation configuration for penta-copters E. HEXA-COPTERS The term Hexa-copter is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aerial vehicle belonging to the class of multirotor helicopters. They differ from the standard helicopters in using rotors with fixed pitch, thus as the blades rotate their rotor pitch does not vary. Hexacopter consists of six rotors [12]. Fig. 8. Hexacopter with six rotors

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