Space Persuasive Speech

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Topic: Should space be commercialized General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to have a positive opinion about space commercialization. Thesis: The positive reasons for commercializing space are for research, commercial transport of crew, and commercialization of cargo transportation. Introduction I. Attention getting device: So I was online reading a news article off of The Guardian about the recent Antares rocket launch. On Tuesday October 28th the Antares rocket took off and fell back to earth seconds later in a blaze of glory. However I assume many of you don’t know that the entity that owned that rocket was not NASA, it was owned by the private company Orbital Sciences. II. Relevance of topic to audience: We grew up in a time when space exploration was center stage, now a decade later space…show more content…
Currently NASA “launches one or two brief space missions every month onboard throwaway unmanned rockets, giving researchers the opportunity to put their instruments in space for a few minutes at a time” (“Stern”, 2013). a. If space is commercialized private companies could use reusable suborbital vehicles to “radically improve both the pace and productivity of suborbital research” (“Stern”, 2013). b. Reusable vehicles allow companies to lower flight costs and increase launch rates. IV. “NASA now flies roughly 20 to 25 suborbital launches a year” (“Stern”, 2013). a. “Suborbital flight provider Virgin Galactic expects its very first vehicle to eventually fly once every day… This one company could provide about 2000 opportunities to experiment every year” (“Stern”, 2013). b. “These new vehicles also offer huge advantages in terms of their capability to fly researchers with their pay-loads” (“Stern”, 2013). c. I could go on and on about what types of research are benefitted from orbital research but I really only have 8 minutes and I just want you guys to know that orbital research is a very important aspect of space
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