The Importance Of Space Exploration?

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In today’s world the importance of space exploration has literally sky rocketed. Humanity has always been interested in space, but most people think we look to the stars too often and should focus more on our own planet. Even though “In the stone age we recorded seasons by looking at the stars.”(Murden 24) to aid our survival. All of this was given it’s attention because the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union starting “The Great Space Race”. Space exploration will never be limited to just super nations. Artists, Scientists, and soon average people will be able to reach the stars. Soon everyone will be a Neil Armstrong or a Buzz Aldrin. Laws will change our technology will change, and our understanding of our universe will change also. With modem developments in space exploration and the private race to space being catapulted by companies such as Space X, the concept of private property acquisition in outer space has become a pertinent issue in international law. One big debate point is the lack of real property laws and no real government management in space or on other celestial bodies. private actors can and should be permitted to acquire property rights in outer space in light of the goals of space exploration. While on the other hand, advancing too quickly…show more content…
The cure for this issue cannot simply come from mitigation efforts; governments and organizations involved in spacefaring activities must participate in active remediation measures. International space agency guidelines and U.S. statutes and regulations are productive preventative measures against further accumulation of debris. In addition, a number of organizations are working on new technology to actively reduce orbital debris. These active processes for culling debris from orbit are essential for the reduction of debris

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